Requesting Östasiatiska Museet to modify the Korean Peninsula map
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I demand Östasiatiska Museet (Stockholm, Sweden) to give out correct information about East Asian History.

Firstly, I want to give great appreciation of giving abundant information about East Asia and holding the exhibition about their historical, cultural assets.

Although with the dedications, I have found some errors on the map of Korean Peninsula and China.

The museum marked the territory of Han Dynasty (BC 202 ~ AD 220) up to the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

However, the Kingdom Gojoseon (BC 2333 ~ BC 108), and which continued to Kingdom Goguryeo (BC 37 ~ AD 668), was located during that time. The Kingdom Gojoseon is the root of Korean history, leading to Goguryeo. As you can see the name ‘Korea’, it was originated from Goguryeo (or Goryeo).

Please participate the petition for the revision!

스웨덴 스톡홀름에 위치한 Östasiatiska Museet 에 시정을 요구합니다!

중국 한나라 전시관에 있는 지도에서 한반도까지 중국의 영토로 표시하고 있습니다.

당시 연대기를 놓고 보면 고조선과 고구려가 한반도에 위치해 있고 통치를 하고 있던 시기입니다.

고조선과 고구려는 한국의 뿌리인 왕조입니다. 여러분의 관심이 필요합니다!

* 하단 링크도 같이 참고해주세요

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- VANK History Website:
- History of Kingdoms in Korea Peninsula: